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Settee Bench

This settee bench is a great addition to your décor. It ischippendale mahogany settee bench ball claw feet. It has finished in the look of black mahogany with dark chocolate treatment. The settee bench has been designed to with a chippendale design. It is made of durable materials that will last.

Top 10 Settee Bench

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Cheap Settee Bench

This settee bench is designed for use in the living room or bedroom. It is made from leather tufted ball and claw fabric and has a depth of about 60 cm. The bench is platform-based and has two wood posts at the base for height control. The settee also has reproduction beechistory: the theodore alexander settee bench was created in 18th century france by theodore alexander, who was inspired by the comfortable and ornate armchairs he saw in england. The settee bench is designed to be both comfortable and spacious, with a total area of around 120 cm2. this is a great new modern tufted settee bench - high back cushion seat fabric velvet - in the room. It will perfectly go well with any bedroom. This settee bench is a beautiful example of an antique curved settee couch. The bench has been carved into two different patterns and has a beautiful spindlesclaw foot well. The bench is complete with all original equipment and is a great addition to any room. This is a great old time bench. It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, or repairs. The antique country empire settee bench has a wide plank seat and a throne in the center. It is made of posts and nails for a support and has a primitive look. It is a great for an old house or home office.