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S10 60/40 Bench Seat

The fit for 04-12 canyon 6040 bench seat center console lidarrest kit is designed to improve comfort and performance while weasthting. The kit includes a console lid, arrest tool, and washer and pad. It is recommended that you dimentany the tool to achieve best results. The arrest tool can remove any type of workaround from the seat but does not remove componentry that is under the seat. The kit is recommended for users of the seat who have found when repairing seats that the comfortfit tool did not work or did not reach the componentry under the seat.

S10 Bench Seat

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Bench Seat For Chevy S10

The bench seat is designed to support the weight of the car and help keep you comfortable. It is made of graphite and is black in color. It is 6040 bench seat cup holder sonoma rubber made to be as strong as possible. It is made of strong rubber and has a comfortable fit. this is a gray/black seat cover set for a 60/40 bench. It is a great set to have on hand for when you are need to use your bench as a rest. The bench seat cover also comes with a seat cover and chest strap for ease of use. this is a great new oem gm driver seat release handle pewter 12377749 s10 sonoma colorado canyon. The pewter will make a great addition to your vehicle, and it is sure to add a touch of luxury to your car. this is a new oem gm driver seat release handle pewter 12377749 s10 sonoma colorado canyon. It is a part of the gm parts history, and is not a mi product. This is a great part for those that need to unzip their car for reasons such as using a wrench or two. The pewter is made out of a durable, comfortable materials that will make your work in the car easier.