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Homecraft Padded Transfer Bench

The homecraft 081561885 padded transfer bench is a great way to help others have a better time when going home. This bench has an assist safety transfer handle that makes it easy to get from the bathroom to the kitchen. The bench also has a 300-lb. Weight capacity and a comfortable design.

Homecraft Padded Transfer Bench Target

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Homecraft Padded Transfer Bench Walmart

The homecraft padded transfer bench is a great way to make your home more secure and inviting. The bench has an associatd safety handle for safety in case of use and includes a built-in shower. This bench is in 300xlb weight and size. the patterson medical homecraft padded transfer bench is an excellent option for those with heavy drinks and food needs. With a capacity of 300lb, this bench is perfect for those who need an emergency place to rest and store items. The comfortable height and size of the bench make it perfect for any home or office. this is a portable transfer bench that you can use as an additional shower or bathroom bench. It's made from padded materials that will provide some extra stability to your shower or bath. The rough surface is designed to make easy work of transferring tapes, cups and other items. Additionally, the smooth surface is for easy bertram button handles. It is made from heavy-duty materials to ensure sturdy function, and it features a few extra minutes getting from one area to another. The bench is also made to be stable, so you can move patient after patient without inadvertantly damaging the bench. The transfer area is wide and deep, making it perfect for either medical consultation or just simple storage. The bench is also easy to clean, even if you're not a streaker.