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1955 Chevy Bench Seat

1955 chevy bench seat relocation brackets give you more legroom. The comfortable and stylish waited is now easier to access all areas at the same time. The bracket provides added space for your new year's resolution to be a "luxury box".

1955 Chevy Bench Seat Amazon

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1955 Chevy Bench Seat Ebay

This is a 1955 chevy bench seat that was relocation brackets that fit the truck. The brackets allowed the seat to be placed different ways depending on how it was previously used. this is a 1955 chevy bench seat that has had the gm bucket seat hinge pinion and chrome push on cap. The trim is 52-72 ru. this 1955-56 chevrolet bench seat shell has a full-size front bench seat shell and a lh upper seat shell. The bench seat shell has a black powdercoat finish. It has a push-button seat release system and a keyless start. this is a great post about how to buy a 1955 chevy bench seat without any clue about what you're looking for. This is a great post about the best way to buy a bench seat without knowing what it is.